Dating Games, Part 6 (post-Easter edition)

Andreas Ortmann
6 min readApr 22, 2023

“I look forward to the next edition of dating games, they have been a very entertaining read so far“ (one smiley, one blushey, a friendly reader)

Previously, … I told you about Northern-Beaches beauties and dingbats with dictaphones and how dating can bring one to parts of Sydney one never saw (Manly!) or rarely visits (Chatswood!). I also mentioned how difficult it can be to cut through the crap & deception, or at least economy with truth writ large, that seem to come with the territory. Plus, I mentioned that the asynchronous nature of the dating game invites all kinds of confusing expectations, … and potentially conflicted interpretations …

I also told you about my excursion to Brizzy, in search of the one. Told you that I got along with her, and her son, quite well, and that we even talked about coordinating our European travel plans later this summer. Alas, the princess has remained incommunicado ever since. Puzzling.

I told you that I was headed towards a teaching tunnel which is why the pre-Easter Dating Games update, as well as the present one, took longer … Alas, I have now escaped the teaching tunnel and as a matter of fact am off teaching for almost 9 months. Hurrah! Research, here I come.

[Some facts below may be fictitious, for the sake of the narrative! ;-)]

Executive summary:

Now at 20 Samsung Notes files, about to start number 21, and might explore other parts of NSW (Wollongong!), and maybe Melbourne, too. Made a couple of interesting friends along the way, and have seen one of them now several times. Yesterday evening we had dinner and then watched La Cage Aux Folles at the State Theatre. Thoroughly enjoyable. Both, company and show.

Meanwhile I keep wondering about that mysterious woman in Mascot who expressed interest weeks after I expressed mine and even asked for my number but has yet to call. (She keeps visiting my profile.)

The Zombies ~ She’s Not There (1964) — YouTube

Same is true for other such cases. Like the lovely lady originally from Persia. Or … or … or … It is puzzling. I guess everyone is shopping around … (including the striking Good Friday surprise) …

Good Friday was something of a tease…. You really are working hard at this! Nice that there are lots of options. I hadn’t realised that Brizzy was a chick chase, assumed you were there for higher aspirations such as the future of the Australian economy. Keep up the good work. At least if you start regular movie dates I can get some good reviews again …

… says a happily married female Facey friend. So here then is an update on the Good Friday surprise. Especially for you, S!

Good morning, [name].

And thanks for writing. I had a lovely dinner yesterday with some of my more advanced students. See attached.

Now it’s back in the office, slaving away …

Let me quickly answer your questions, for ease of reference find my answers in your message below.

Sent: Monday, 10 April 2023 8:59 PM
To: Andreas Ortmann

Hello Andreas

How was your day today? I hope you are doing great over there because I’m having a great time here knowing I have your attention and the chance to talk and get to know you. Kindly permit me to choose email as my preferred means of communication for now, it might not be as swift as you need it to be but the woman in me is taking her time to emerge on this platform, trust me that I don’t want to miss it, we don’t have all the time. I have been around long and wide enough to mix easily. However, I somehow still have my reservations when it comes to opening up to someone due to my marital status. My husband was diagnosed with [ … ] 10 years ago. I stood by him as a good and religious wife should be until […] 5 years ago.

=> I am very sorry that you had to go through this, [name]. My first wife’s mother died with Alzheimer’s and Louisa took care of her for more than a decade. My parents died of cancer (my father of lung, my mother of colon which apparently ran in the family). My mother battled cancer for four years, my father cancer for less than a year. The last few months were hell, in particular in the case of my father. I should flag that I am not a religious person … .

I take my time to avoid misconstruing intentions because I have a purpose here. My plan on coming to the site is to find a romantic partner so I don’t want to miss that opportunity and chance with the right one.

=> I am on this site for the same purpose.

I am a […] and also have qualifications as an Art/Antiques picker but I did not fully focus on that career, I did more executive roles in the hospitality industry as a […], … , it is better that I read from you now so we don’t miss background details on each other to avoid meeting physically as total strangers. […]

It is a pleasure for me to have another chance writing you, this time I humbly ask that you take your time and answer the questions that I have listed below, you don’t have to hurry this because as casual as each question might sound, try to ponder on your answers and I will give my answers to the same questions when I receive the feedback:

1. What is your own idea of an ideal date?

=> One of my favorite dates involves nice food and vino in a not too crowded but public place. Like the Japanese restaurant I had dinner in yesterday. Lovely and unpretentious environ but the food is excellent indeed.

2. What do you consider your greatest fear?

=> I am fear-less. Well, being an academic I would hate to lose my mind and I have long resolved that, should I fall victim to Alzheimer’s or the like, I would bow out hopefully in time to not be a burden to a potential partner.

3. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

=> I come from a troubled family background — my parents conducted four years of war that the Roses had nothing on. My (half-) brother’s life got so derailed that at age 32 he died of an overdose. So, given all that, I think I do ok.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I have a sabbatical upcoming and then next year, after teaching another hectic term 1, I finally hope to be able to take my long overdue long-service leave. After that, I probably go on half-time for a couple of years before I retire for good. It is one of the nice features of my job that I can determine when I want to quit.

5. Are you a christian?

No. I am an agnostic. I look at the science with open eyes, often surprised, and full of wonder. Like in this case. […] We are all stardust I fear.

I have my fingers crossed waiting, I will answer the same questions, and if you have more to ask you can kindly ask me now.

=> I look forward to hearing from you, [name]. Here is to a good start of the week!


Well, that was that, almost two weeks ago. Looks like I failed that particular audition ;-( God’s will, I presume.

nazareth love hurts (1976) — YouTube

Later today early dinner in Newtown with a self-anointed dream-girl; we did have a long and promising phone conversation for which I cut short an enjoyable dinner with my always entertaining neighbor.

I’m your dreamgirl re the few preferences you list but then my profile is quite detailed and yours is a little on the economical side. A little more detail would be nice. for instance , all the books in one photo, how, when where, whose?

Stay tuned.

Nothing but the Truth — YouTube

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