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  • Julienne Celina

    Julienne Celina

    23-year old reader, storyteller, adventurer, dreamer and aspiring saint.

  • Marek Minarovič

    Marek Minarovič

  • Lars Böhnke

    Lars Böhnke

    Immer hart rudern. Working @ PEY, Entrepreneur @ youvo.org, scout, Hanover, DE.

  • Marco L Rapp

    Marco L Rapp

  • Jussi


    Flaneur in many things, also via post-formal thinking. Observing and occasionally writing about variety of phenomenons and noumenon.

  • Elina Halonen

    Elina Halonen

    Behavioral scientist — specialised in cultural psychology, interested in behavioral design. Side interests: dogs and ADHD.

  • Hans-Günther Döbereiner

    Hans-Günther Döbereiner

    I´m a biological physicist working at Universität Bremen. Website: www.biophysik.uni-bremen.de/start/doebereiner-group/ Lectures: www.decisions.uni-bremen.de/en

  • Dennis A.V. Dittrich

    Dennis A.V. Dittrich

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