In the final days of his four-year run as president of the USA, Trump has become desperate, deluded, and outright dangerous, for the social fabric of that country and the trust in its institutions alike. People like (former defense secretary) Cohen have called him “blatant in (his) criminality”. In light of his obvious role in the incitement to armed insurrection and the subsequent storming of the Capitol (with the possible intent to capture, and even kill, lawmakers; see also this corroborating testimony), there is a good chance that the Senate will convict him. In Liz Cheney’s words: Trump “summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. … Everything that followed was his doing. …


Andreas Ortmann

EconProf: I post occasionally on whatever tickles my fancy: Science, evidence production, the Econ tribe, Oz politics, etc. Y’all r entitled to my opinions …

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