Oz for Dummies: Week 5, 2022

(January 30–February 6) Omicron and how to live with it / That irresponsible pack, the alarmists / Pandemic normality in the land of Oz (and Europe and Asia)

I traveled back to Sydney, via Bangkok (and its eerily empty airport), from Frankfurt, to end my European sojourn of almost two months. Arrived after two ten-hour flights with Thai Airways, and a ten-hour lay-over in Bangkok, Wednesday morning reasonably rested since both flights were at about 20 percent capacity, so there was plenty of room to sleep comfortably. Took a rapid antigen test of German origin at the airport (negative as the one I took within 24 hours of departure on Monday) and off to the office I was … .



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Andreas Ortmann

EconProf: I post occasionally on whatever tickles my fancy: Science, evidence production, the Econ tribe, Oz politics, etc. Y’all r entitled to my opinions …