Oz for Dummies: Week 43, 2021

(October 25–31) Pandemic normality in NSW and VIC / The shine’s coming off the Gladyator / Morrison catching up — ever so slowly / Science is self-correcting. Occasionally.

/ Pandemic normality in NSW and VIC

With case, hospitalization, and ICU numbers continuing to drift down in NSW, and seemingly having peaked (at least in cases) in VIC albeit at a level of almost an order of magnitude higher, life is normalizing and deaths are finally being accepted, as they should have been from the very beginning. It is astonishing how the narrative — notwithstanding the off-side fussilades of increasingly irrelevant OzCagers and OzRagers —has changed within weeks. The credit goes to former Premier Berejiklian and her CHO, Dr. Chant.

/ The shine’s coming off the Gladyator

This week was the second week of the ICAC proceedings against former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian. Throughout the first couple of weeks of hearings it has become clear that Berejiklian seems guilty as charged and that there can be no question, and there seems to be no doubt in the mind of any of the witnesses that ICAC paraded, that she should have revealed her affair with disgraced former MP (and her loverboy) Darryl Maguire. Alas, she didn’t and Friday was the day where she had her chance to explain why she is not guilty as charged. Notwithstanding her continued claims that she had done nothing wrong, it seems fair to say it did not go well.

/ Morrison catching up — ever so slowly

Meanwhile Morrison, our prime marketer, is off to Europe (with a posse including his personal photographer), and the Copenhagen Summit, after a couple of weeks of political theatre (that hardly qualify as masterclass) where he, and his considerable marketing team, tried to reposition Morrison as sensible environmental activist. An obviously planted story in the Sydney Morning Herald told us how Morrison discovered Bill Gates’s How To Avoid A Climate Disaster while perusing Amazon. Right. We learned that Morrison bought a copy in February and “immersed himself in it for days. He has regularly quoted large slabs back to advocates and critics of stronger action on climate change since.” As a bonus we even were shown a photo of underlined sections of the book. How cute and fluffy can it get.

/ Science is self-correcting. Occasionally.

“Ivermectin has become a controversial potential medicine for COVID-19. Some early studies suggested clinical benefits in treatment and prevention of infection. However, the body of evidence includes studies of varying quality. Furthermore, some trials have now been identified as potentially fraudulent.”

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