Oz for Dummies: Week 2, 2022

(January 9–16) The Djoker is gone (Hallelujah!) / Pandemic normality in the land of Oz (and Europe)

Quite the week it was, wasn’t it? The Novax Djoker story made headlines wherever you were. A bit like a fart in a VW Beetle, windows closed. Quite amazing given that his major talent seems to be to move expertly, per racket, a ball from one side of the court to the other.

Djokovic loses court case

Novak Djokovic faces deportation after three Federal Court judges ruled in favour of the government’s decision to cancel his visa.

/ Pandemic normality in Europe

I have travelled in Europe for four weeks now. After two weeks in Paris, I travelled via Germany to Prague, and came back to Paris earlier this week. I have seen none of the “How-many-deaths-are-acceptable-to-you?!!” hysteria that has been such a peculiar feature of the Australian debate. I conjecture that a major reason for that state of affairs is that nowhere in Europe have there been organized mobs of economists that lost their trade-off marbles.

And that’s the wrap for week 2 of 2022.

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